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Corporate Reporting 2014

Henkel Corporate Reporting 2014

More Henkel Corporate Reporting 2014

Sustainability Report 2014

Henkel Sustainability Report 2014

Facts and Figures 2014

Henkel Facts and Figures 2014

Corporate Report 2014

Henkel Corporate Report 2014

Henkel app

Henkel app
Sustainability Report 2014

Strategic Principles

In order to successfully establish our strategy and reach our goals, our two dimensions – “more value” and “reduced footprint” – must be ever-present in the minds and day-to-day actions of our some 49,750 employees and mirrored in our business processes. We have defined three strategic principles to achieve this: products, partners, and people.

Our products

Millions of people around the world use our brands and technologies every day. Our products are our core business, and this is where Henkel can make the biggest difference. This is why we are strongly focused on creating more value for our customers and consumers through innovative solutions and education. Our products should deliver better performance while saving resources and lowering environmental impacts. This is an all-around approach that takes the entire business process – from the sourcing of our raw materials right up to the disposal of packaging – into account.

Our products deliver more value at a reduced environmental footprint. Like every new product, our hand-dishwashing liquid Pril also makes its own contribution to more sustainability. Thanks to powerful enzymes and measures to optimize the product formula, Henkel is reducing the surfactant content and lowering its carbon dioxide emissions by more than 10,000 metric tons per year. To develop products with even better resource-efficiency and effectiveness, we also work closely with partners from the scientific community.

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Our partners

Our partners – suppliers, consumers and industrial users of our brands and technologies – are key to driving sustainability along our value chains and in all areas of business and life. Accordingly, we will increase our efforts to support them with our products and expertise. This includes encouraging suppliers to lower the impacts of the raw materials we source as well as enabling customers and consumers to reduce their environmental footprint. Likewise, we work together with international initiatives and communities to decouple economic development and quality of life from using more and more resources.

Supplier event in Shanghai (TfS)

In 2011, Henkel and five other companies in the chemical industry established an initiative entitled “Together for Sustainability – The Chemical Initiative for Sustainable Supply Chains” (TfS). The Initiative’s aim is to harmonize the increasingly complex supply chain management processes and to optimize the dialog among worldwide business partners. By the end of 2014, the number of members in the Initiative had doubled to 12.

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Our people

Our people, the Henkel employees, make the difference through their commitment, creativity, skills and knowledge. Because of them, good ideas become great business successes. We invest in the skills and knowledge of our people and encourage everyone to be engaged in the sustainability agenda, both in their daily business actions and in our communities.

Spreading the sustainability message

We offer our employees extensive training and education opportunities in sustainability. Since 2012, more than 3,800 employees have qualified as Sustainability Ambassadors and reached out to about 36,000 schoolchildren in 37 countries.

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