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Corporate Reporting 2014

Henkel Corporate Reporting 2014

More Henkel Corporate Reporting 2014

Sustainability Report 2014

Henkel Sustainability Report 2014

Facts and Figures 2014

Henkel Facts and Figures 2014

Corporate Report 2014

Henkel Corporate Report 2014

Henkel app

Henkel app
Sustainability Report 2014

Awards and rankings 2001 – 2013


CountryCompanyAwards & rankings
USAHenkelHenkel was included for the second time among the “Global 500 Green Companies” published by “Newsweek” magazine in the US, and ranked sixth in the category of consumer goods companies.
GermanyHenkelHenkel was awarded this year’s DuMont-DWS Prize for Responsible Business Practices, conferred jointly by German newspaper publisher DuMont and DWS, Deutsche Bank’s mutual fund company. Its environmental performance, diversity of its workforce structure, and social commitment earned the prize for Henkel.
GermanyHenkelHenkel was ranked in first place in a scientific study conducted by Leuphana Universität Lüneburg on online sustainability reporting procedures by DAX 30 companies. The study assessed not only how quickly information could be found, but also whether it was understandable. Further criteria examined the extent to which the internet was used to interact with stakeholders.
ChinaHenkelIn September 2013 Henkel won in the category “Environmental Protection activities” the award for its Dragon Plant. The world’s largest adhesive plant becomes the benchmark in sustainability. This award is to encourage Henkel’s contribution and achievement in environmental protection.
ChinaHenkelLow-Carbon Pioneer Company Award is initiated by “21st Century Business Herald”, academically supported by the Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The award collects the most representative business cases in terms of low-carbon development in China and systematically analyzes and compares those cases in order to establish industry standards for low-carbon development of enterprises. Furthermore Faruk Arig, President of Henkel Greater China is recognized with the “Best Chief Climate Official Award”.
GermanyHenkelA project entitled “Category management and shopper marketing as factors for success”, conducted jointly by Henkel and Rossmann, was recognized for its exemplary customer orientation. The award acknowledges the best management performance and most innovative inter-company cooperation projects where focus on the customer was exemplary.
GreeceHenkelHenkel Greece was recognized with the Best Practice Excellence Awards 2013 in the “Contribution to National Economy” category. Returning the production of detergents from Italy back to Greece, Henkel reduces transport-projects, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
USAHenkelIn the “2012 Vision Awards” competition hosted by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP), Henkel won bronze for its Sustainability Report.
AustriaHenkelHenkel came second in the sustainability ranking of “big players” conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers, up from fourth place the year previously.

In 2013, Henkel was awarded the “Gold Mercury for Sustainable Business Practices” by the “Handelszeitung” newspaper. This marked the first time the newspaper had awarded this prize for sustainable projects initiated by industrial and retail companies. Henkel won the award for its “sustainability ambassadors program.”

AustriaHenkelHenkel was awarded third place in the Image Ranking of “Gewinn” business magazine in the category “CSR sustainability.”
SerbiaHenkelHenkel Serbia won third place in the large enterprises category in the National Corporate Social Responsibility Competition which is awarded by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Henkel was recognized for its MIT (Make an Impact on Tomorrow) project.
MexicoHenkelAt the beginning of June, Henkel Mexico received the Walmart Sustainability Award 2012. Continuing the success in former years, Henkel was not only recognized as key supplier of Mexico and Central America but was also awarded as the global supplier that has made the biggest contribution to sustainability.
UKHenkelHenkel’s Laundry & Home Care business sector has been recognized for the second time with the European Supply Chain Excellence Award 2013, presented by the European business magazine “Supply Chain Standard” in association with Price Waterhouse Coopers.
ArabiaHenkelIn recognition of its commitment to sustainability, Henkel has been shortlisted for the sixth edition of the prestigious Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards. Henkel Arabia is among the top five companies in the Large Sized Enterprise Awards category.
ItalyHenkelHenkel won the “Best Corporate Practices Award” conferred by Federchimica, a federation of the chemical industry. The award was given to Henkel for having adopted good practices in the field of safeguarding health, safety in the workplace and respect for the environment, both within the company and in the world.
GermanyHenkelThe renowned CRF Institute ranked Henkel again among the very best, recognizing us with the title of “Top Employer in Germany”, and with the highest possible rating for four out of the five subcategories assessed.
EuropeHenkelIn the Trendence Graduate Barometer 2013 Henkel is among Europe’s 500 most attractive employer brands.
ChinaHenkelIn 2013, Henkel won Universum’s “Ideal Employer Award” in China.


CountryCompanyAwards & rankings
USAHenkelHenkel was included for the second time in the Global 500 Green Companies ranking of the U.S. magazine Newsweek, where it took 6th place in the sector ranking.
GermanyHenkelHenkel received the 2012 DuMont-DWS Prize for Responsibility, conferred jointly by the German newspaper publishing house DuMont and the DWS mutual fund company of the Deutsche Bank. The decisive factors were the environmental performance, diversity of the workforce structure, and social engagement.
ArgentinaHenkelHenkel in Argentina was recognized in May 2012 by the Argentinian Institute for CSR (IARSE) for its achievements in sustainability.
United Arab EmiratesHenkelHenkel in the Gulf region received the 5th Arabia CSR Award in November 2012.
GermanyHenkelThe “Gap Year” project, which Henkel developed together with the Allianz, Bertelsmann and McKinsey corporations was honored by the Berlin-based trendence Institut with the Employer Branding Award 2012 in the category “Employer Branding Innovation of the Year.”
GermanyHenkelFor the third year in succession, Henkel took 1st place in the acclaimed CRF ranking “Germany’s Top Employers.”
GreeceHenkelIn April 2012, the Hellas institute included Henkel in Greece in the “Best Workplaces 2012 Greece” ranking, where it gained 8th place.
ChileHenkelThe Cachaça project of Henkel in Chile was honored in June 2012 with the Chile Verde 2012 title. It was deemed one of the most sustainable initiatives in Chile and included in the green book “Chile Verde 2012.”

Henkel once again features in the CSR Benchmark 2012 of the NetFederation business consulting firm. In this evaluation of the 100 largest German companies and how they address sustainability on the internet, Henkel scored 89.2 percent and took second place.


In an scientific study carried out by the Leuphana University of Lüneburg on the sustainability reporting of the DAX30 corporations on the internet, Henkel was rated number one. This is the third time that the company has achieved a top placing here. The aspects assessed included not only the accessibility and clarity of the sustainability information provided, but also the extent to which the internet is used to enter into a dialog with stakeholders, as well as the role played by social media.


CountryCompanyAwards & Rankings
USAHenkelHenkel was included for the first time in the Global 500 Green Companies ranking of the U.S. magazine Newsweek, where it took 165th place.
ChinaHenkelIn 2011, Henkel made its first appearance as one of the top companies in the Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking of the China Business News (CBN) media group. The ranking was set up by the CBN Media Group in 2008 to encourage the dissemination of sustainable business practices in China.
MexicoHenkelIn December 2011, the business magazine Mundo Ejecutivo named Henkel to its list of the 50 most sustainable companies in Mexico for the third time. In 2011, Henkel was ranked at number 40.
SpainHenkelIn June 2011, Henkel was honored with the “Equality in the Company” award in Spain. This distinction is conferred on companies that act in an exemplary manner to promote equal opportunities for women and men.

Henkel Thailand’s Bangpakong plant has been certified Best Employer of the Year in 2011 for the sixth consecutive year. The certification was confirmed in September 2011 by the Thai ministry of labor, department for labor protection and social welfare. Special recognition was given to Henkel Thailand for its efforts regarding employee relations and welfare.


Henkel’s Forscherwelt (Researchers’ World) is a place where children can make big discoveries – with their natural curiosity, wanting to know how and why things work. Henkel set up this child-focused facility in Düsseldorf in 2011, in a dedicated laboratory with a floor space of about 300 square meters. The initiative “Deutschland – Land der Ideen” (Germany – Land of Ideas) honored the Forscherwelt in 2012 as one of “365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas.”

Saudi ArabiaHenkelHenkel in Saudi Arabia was recognized with the King Khaled Award and the CHEP Award for its engagement in the field of sustainability.


CountryCompanyAwards & Rankings
GermanyHenkelIn the special category “Decision-makers’ Best Sustainability Brand” Henkel was honored with the 2010 Best Brands Award by the Wirtschaftswoche business magazine and Markenverband – the German Brands Association.
GermanyHenkelIn 2010, the Corporate Research Foundation Institute placed Henkel first in its overall ranking for the third time in a row – ahead of more than 90 other respected companies. In the Germany’s Top Employers 2010 study, Henkel was recognized for its strategic human resources management.
SpainHenkelThe Corporate Research Foundation Institute (CRF Institute) declared Henkel Spain to be a company with a better future (empresa con más futuro).
ItalyHenkelThe Lundquist communications agency announced the winners of its CSR Online Awards Germany 2010, the second edition of this annual assessment. As in the previous year, Henkel took first place with its sustainability pages on the Internet.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) honored Henkel in Brussels for its senior-friendly human resources policy with the “International Innovative Employer Award 2010.”


In November 2010, at the presentation of the national Awards for Cleaner Production, our site in La Luz, Mixco, Guatemala, received the prize in the Energy category.


CountryCompanyAwards & Rankings
InternationalHenkelHenkel again received the “Move Europe-Partner Excellence 2009” certificate of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion for its commitment to workplace health management, especially in the fields of healthy diet, smoking prevention, mental health, and health-promoting physical activity. Targeted programs promoting good health, including a wide range of preventive measures, are available to all Henkel employees. Move Europe is an initiative of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP), and is a campaign for the improvement of lifestyle-related workplace health promotion in Europe.
ChinaHenkelIn 2009, the business magazine “China Business Watch” ranked Henkel among the top 10 of China’s “Top 50 Green Companies.”
BrazilHenkelHenkel Brazil was included in the index of the 100 best companies in human and organizational development, and was named the top sustainability company in 2009.
GermanyHenkelIn September 2009, Tina Müller, Corporate Senior Vice President at Henkel, received the VICTRESS Glass Breaker Award. The award recognized women from different business sectors who act as successful role models for the next generation of women in leadership. The award has been presented since 2005 to companies whose corporate policies demonstrate affirmative support for women and for balancing family and career.

In May 2009, Henkel received the 2009 Plus X Award – conferred as part of a major European technology competition – for its standing as an “Ecologically Committed Company.” Also recognized were the company’s new liquid laundry detergents marketed under the Terra brand.


In international terms also, Henkel ranks among the leading companies in sustainability management. For example, at the first ever “European Corporate Responsibility Award” in Prague on February 5, 2009, Henkel was chosen among the 22 finalists.

GermanyHenkelThe Econ Verlag publishing house and the Handelsblatt business newspaper presented the Econ Awards in Berlin on the evening of November 19. The Silver award recognized Henkel’s online Sustainability reporting. The awards have been presented annually since 2007 to honor the best corporate communications in the German-speaking countries.


CountryCompanyAwards & Rankings
GermanyHenkelHenkel received the “Move Europe-Partner Excellence 2008” certificate of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion for its commitment to workplace health management, especially in the fields of healthy diet, smoking prevention, mental health, and health-promoting physical activity.
GermanyHenkelIn December 2008, Henkel received the German Sustainability Award in the category “Most Sustainable Brand.” The award is in recognition of exemplary performance in sustainability management and the associated communication work.
GermanyHenkelIn September 2008, Henkel received the Corporate VICTRESS Award. This award has been presented by the Initiative since 2005 to companies whose corporate policy demonstrates affirmative support for women and the family. At 25 percent, the proportion of female managers at Henkel lies above the European market average.
ChinaLoctite production siteIn July 2008, the Henkel Loctite manufacturing plant Yantai in China was honored as “Advanced enterprise in production safety.” The award conferred by the local government acknowledges outstanding performance in the field of safety, health and environment.
KoreaProduction site in Ansan

In July 2008, the Henkel production site in Korea was recognized and honored as “Best Company in Ansan City for Environmental Management.” The award was based on an evaluation of 3,200 environment and safety audits carried out by the Ansan city government.

AustriaHenkel CEE

For the third time, the Center for Corporate Citizenship Austria (CCC-A) assessed the commitment of the 100 largest companies in Austria to corporate social responsibility. In April 2008, Henkel Central Eastern Europe not only became the sector winner but also occupied first place in the overall rankings, with 82 out of 100 possible points.

GermanyHenkelDVFA, the German association of investment professionals, and the WirtschaftsWoche business magazine award a prize annually to German companies for the best environment, social and governance (ESG) performance. The ESG Award recognizes companies that proactively combine optimization of return on sales, environmental policy and social approaches with investor-oriented corporate governance. The 1st prize in the category for DAX-listed companies went to Henkel AG & Co. KGaA in March 2008.


CountryCompanyPrizes and awards
AustriaHenkel CEEInnovation plus energy saving – these are performance criteria that sealant specialist Henkel fulfills with its Teroson brand. For its WINTeQ systems, Henkel was chosen as the “Energie Genie 2007” (Energy Genius 2007) at the energy saving show in Wels, Austria. WINTeQ stands for “Windows Technology Quality” and is a system for sealing joints on doors and windows, helping to achieve dramatic reductions in energy losses from buildings.
GermanyHenkel GermanyFurther recognition of Henkel’s family-conscious human resources policy. In Germany, we were presented with the “audit beruf und familie” (family and career audit) certificate of the non-profit Hertie Foundation. The audit – under the patronage of Federal Family Minister Dr. Ursula von der Leyen – is a management tool designed to promote and continuously improve a family-conscious corporate culture. It has come to be regarded as the seal of quality for family-friendly human resources policies.
AustriaHenkel CEEIn Austria, the new Henkel portal – i@pply – was rated the best electronic recruiting program of the 150 largest companies. All potential applicants – for positions as fulltime employees, part-time employees, interns or trainees – can contact Henkel directly in their own language in more than 50 countries through this new Internet portal.


CountryCompanyPrizes and awards
ItalyHenkel ItalyIn December 2006, Henkel Italy was awarded the Federchimica Product Stewardship Award in the category “large enterprises” for its Cleanox LF Technology. The new technology significantly reduces the quantity of hazardous substances utilized in industrial pickling processes for stainless steel. This greatly enhances occupational safety and sets new health, safety and environmental standards in the steel industry.
FranceFrance and Solar IntegratedAward for commitment to developing green energies: With tailor-made high-tech adhesives and sealants, Henkel made it possible for its partner company Solar Integrated to manufacture flexible and extremely lightweight solar roofs. In November 2006, the successful collaboration was honored with the European Environmental Press Award at the Pollutec environment exhibition in Lyon, France.
GermanyHenkel GermanyIn November 2006, Henkel was presented with the Initiative Award for Occupational Training and Continuing Education for its PHAROS | evaluation system. The Otto Wolff Foundation, the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) and the WirtschaftsWoche business newspaper, jointly bestow the award each year to recognize exemplary initiatives to enhance the quality and attractiveness of in-company training.


CountryCompanyPrizes and awards
RomaniaHenkel RomaniaGolden PR Award for Excellence 2005 in the category “Non-commercial campaigns.”
GermanyHenkelRecognition for the best German sustainability report by future e.V., the IÖW Institute for Ecological Economy Research, and the business magazine Capital.
IndiaHenkel IndiaHenkel was recognized in India with the Government of Pondicherry’s Environmental Protection and Conservation Award for its successful initiatives for sustainability and social responsibility.
ItalyHenkelHenkel received the Sodalitas Social Award for its social commitment in Italy.

Henkel Smile was awarded the “ENTERPreis 2005” in the social commitment category.


Family-friendly company: Henkel is recognised for its exemplary corporate commitment to reconciling the demands of career and family.


CountryCompanyPrizes and awards
USAHenkel Avon, OhioNorth Coast 99 Award.
IndiaHenkel SPIC IndiaEnvironmental Prize of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).
GermanyHenkel KGaA Düsseldorf-HolthausenINTEGRATIO prize awarded by the Diakonie (church welfare and social organization) and the Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf (bank) for “exemplary integration of disabled persons in the workplace.”
InternationalHenkel‘Trusted Brand’ award for Henkel’s Persil and Schwarzkopf brands.


CountryCompanyPrizes and awards
InternationalHenkelEnvironment award for Henkel managers from the B.A.U.M. initiative.
InternationalHenkelMedia award for sustainability.
InternationalHenkelGood marks for sustainability report.
MalaysiaHenkel (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.Recognition from the Prime Minister for Henkel in Malaysia.
HungaryHenkel Magyarország Kft.Gold medal for Henkel in Hungary.


CountryCompanyPrizes and awards
AustriaHenkel Austria, ViennaAward of the city of Vienna for waste management.
BelgiumHenkel Belgium, BrusselsBest Service Award of the Belgian DIY association.
Great BritainHenkel Consumer Adhesives, WinsfordInvestor in People award for attractive employers.
IndiaHenkel SPIC India, KaraikalFirst place in Business and the Environment competition.
ItalyHenkel Loctite, CeranoRegional ethical prize for companies.
Puerto RicoHenkel Puerto Rico, Sabana Grande

Governor’s recognition of successful integration of disabled persons.

SloveniaHenkel Slovenija, Maribor

Winner of national Learning Company competition.

SpainHenkel Ibérica, BarcelonaSector winner in Best Employer competition (consumer goods).
USAHenkel Loctite, Warrensville Heights, Henkel Consumer Adhesives, Avon, OhioRecognized once more as attractive employer in the region.
USAHenkel Loctite, Olean, New YorkRecognition by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


CountryCompanyPrizes and awards
BrazilHenkel do Brazil, São PauloCorporate Citizenship Award of the business magazine Exame.
ChinaHenkel Detergents & Cleaning Products, XuzhouAward by local government for outstanding environmental activities.
HungaryHenkel Magyarország, BudapestSecond place in the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum’s “Business Life for the Protection of the Environment” awards.
IndiaHenkel SPIC India, KaraikalEnvironmental Excellence Award of the Greentech Foundation.
SloveniaHenkel Slovenija, Maribor

Award from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce for factory and workplace excellence.

USALoctite Corporation, Seabrook

New Hampshire Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention.


InternationalHenkelEnvironment Online Award in gold from the B.A.U.M. environmental initiative.