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Corporate Reporting 2014

Henkel Corporate Reporting 2014

More Henkel Corporate Reporting 2014

Sustainability Report 2014

Henkel Sustainability Report 2014

Facts and Figures 2014

Henkel Facts and Figures 2014

Corporate Report 2014

Henkel Corporate Report 2014

Henkel app

Henkel app
Sustainability Report 2014

Sustainability at Adhesive Technologies

Adhesive Technologies experts partner with customers around the world and are often involved as early as the design stage. We share our in-depth industrial expertise to help our customers increase their resource efficiency and make their manufacturing processes and final products more sustainable. Our comprehensive portfolio of advanced technologies reduces energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in the manufacture and use of many objects that touch our lives every day: from packaging and cell phones, through to automobiles and aircraft.

Sustainability drives innovation

As a global leader across these diverse markets, Henkel is in a strong position to adapt its solutions for application in new areas. Our innovative Electro Ceramic Coating technologies (ECC) are one strong example of this approach. ECC is used to protect automotive engine components against wear and corrosion and enables car manufacturers to use lighter metals that cut fuel consumption and emissions in their vehicles. This same technology has now been successfully adapted to apply a protective coating to the magnesium chassis on consumer electronic devices. Our product Bonderite MgC supports customers in the electronics industry by simplifying their coating processes, reducing waste by cutting reject percentages, and eliminating the need to use coatings based on heavy metals, such as nickel and chromium, which are less environmentally compatible.

A proactive approach

We are committed to actively leading the way forward for sustainability across our industries, and collaboration with strategic suppliers is a key success factor for us. It opens up opportunities to meet our customers’ needs through joint innovation. Adhesive Technologies recognizes outstanding supplier performance with three annual awards in the categories of innovation, performance and sustainability that underscore our commitment to driving quality and sustainability along the entire value chain.

Alongside this, we take a proactive approach to reducing our products’ environmental footprint at every stage of the product life cycle. From early in 2015, all of our 50- and 250-milliliter red bottles for anaerobic Loctite products in Europe will be made using a renewable-based material, for example. This will save almost 1,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year.

Innovating together for sustainable solutions

Our 90-year history of developing innovative solutions enables us to support our customers with both expertise and a comprehensive technology portfolio. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific processes, products and markets. This allows us to support them in achieving their own sustainability targets by developing tailor-made solutions that increase resource efficiency and reduce environmental footprint.

As an innovation and technology leader, we are in the position to analyze and respond to future trends. Together with Benteler SGL, a leading manufacturer of automotive components, Henkel has developed a composite-leaf spring that supports Volvo with the trend toward lightweight vehicles that consume less fuel and produce less emissions. The leaf spring is 4.5 kilograms lighter than a conventional part and is used in the new Volvo XC90, with plans for application in additional models.

Henkel experts work together with aircraft manufacturers around the world to develop processes and solutions for applying lightning-strike protection films. These technologies are designed for application on the external structure of modern aircraft with composite structures. The range of innovative solutions from our Loctite brand protects aircrafts against lightning strike and combines high surface quality with improved aerodynamic properties. This enables customers to significantly reduce overall aircraft weight, fuel consumption and emissions.

Experts from our Innovation Organization worked together with AB InBev at the production site for its brand Beck’s in Bremen, Germany, to create Aquence XP. This is a new-generation labelling adhesive based on synthetic raw materials for returnable bottles. The unique range of casein-free adhesives reduces material consumption, improves process efficiency, and enables Beck’s to apply all labels, films and foils used in its plant with one all-rounder adhesive.

Henkel is also actively driving forward innovations for filtering water and air. Our leading solutions, under our Loctite and Technomelt brands, significantly reduce energy consumption during the manufacture of filters while reducing machine maintenance requirements and enabling faster cycle times. Our polyurethane technologies for water filters remove the need for a cooling stage, saving energy and water while reducing costs for our customers.

Car repair portal

Car repair portal

Henkel’s unique digital platforms support customers in the Vehicle Repair and Maintenance market. Mechanics and car lovers can gather product information and exchange tips for using Loctite products in the most effective and efficient way, with the lowest possible environmental footprint.

Creating more value for the customer

Collaboration with equipment manufacturers is also key to our approach to creating more value for our customers. Together, we develop application systems that are optimized for our shared customers’ processes. These systems enable customers to cut material waste, increase energy efficiency, and rely on outstanding quality that is specifically adapted to their needs.

Our partnership with machine manufacturers Homag Group and Cefla is one such example. Together, we have developed innovative processes for applying our adhesives and coatings in the furniture industry. As the trend toward urbanization changes the way people live, our solutions open up new design possibilities for innovative furniture that combines functionalities while using fewer resources. These solutions provide high quality throughout a longer product life. They also create more value for manufacturers and end-consumers by cutting resource consumption during the manufacturing process.

Henkel’s leading solutions also enable customers in the electronics industry to create more innovative designs while making a significant contribution to sustainability. The easy-to-use encapsulating products under our Technomelt brand are just one example: These products protect components against moisture, dust, vibration and strain. Customers like Cavist Manufacturing, based in North America, have been able to simplify their assembly processes, remove the need to use chemicals to clean equipment and replace traditional liquid potting processes that released toxic fumes during application.

Transparency through life-cycle assessments

Pritt liquid glue

Pritt liquid glue is now based on a new formula that is even safer for children to use. Like the popular Pritt glue stick, the range of liquid glues is solvent-free and now also based on 90 percent natural ingredients – thanks to the use of starch.

We are aware of our responsibility as a global leader in adhesives and demonstrate our progress in sustainability in a transparent manner. The expert knowledge of our research and development staff and the use of life-cycle assessments help us identify possibilities to improve our product portfolio. As well as the production of our solutions, we also take into account customer use and customer production processes. We use the Henkel Sustainability#Master® matrix to assess the sustainability of a product category based on our value chains and six focal areas.

Advice, training and dialog

Our understanding of quality does not end with the sale of high-performance products. We also provide advice and service to our customers all over the world. This allows us to maintain a continuous dialog with our customers and train them in using our products and technologies safely and efficiently. We also take every opportunity to strengthen our customers’ awareness of the issue of sustainability and demonstrate how our innovative solutions can help them reduce their footprint and increase resource efficiency.

The Henkel Customer Training Center in Vienna, for example, provides stakeholders from the construction industry with an opportunity to speak to Henkel experts about the optimal ways to use, apply and maintain our leading construction solutions. By interacting with customers in this way, we are able to make sure that the high-quality solutions we offer meet their exact requirements for sustainable construction. This supports our ongoing commitment to dialog and knowledge sharing, and gives potential and existing customers a space where they can acquire expert knowledge of sustainable practices and further strengthen their practical skills.

Henkel Sustainability#Master® – Bonderite Magnesium Coating process in comparison with industry standard process

The Henkel Sustainability#Master® shows the sustainability profile of the Bonderite Magnesium Coating (MgC) process, an innovative Electro Ceramic Coating (ECC) technology used to apply protective coatings to magnesium alloys. Building on success in the market for automotive body panels, Bonderite MgC is now being used in light-metal applications for consumer electronic devices. The sustainable technology decreases carbon footprint by simplifying customers’ production processes. It increases production output and cuts scrap while delivering excellent metal protection and paint adhesion, and preserving the desired metal look, touch and feel. The matrix covers all product category hot spots.

Henkel Sustainability#Master – Aquence XP 190, polymer based (compared with Eticol 702 N, casein based)